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Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event


Schools are invited to bring a class of around 20 mixed students (ideally 10 of each gender)  to take part in this competitive event.   There will be a variety of track and field events for both boys and girls.  

The winning  school girls team, PLUS the winning  school boys team will progress to represent the cluster at the Level 2 South Norfolk finals being held at the FEHS on Wednesday 30th January.  Large School Year 5 & 6 Small Schools Year 4, 5 & 6.  There is no separate large school / small school competition this year. 

Large School: Maximum School Squad Size of 20 – Taken from Years 5/6

Small School: Maximum School Squad Size of 20 - Taken from Years 4/5 & 6

- Teams to consist of a minimum of 6 boys/6 girls with a maximum of 10 Boys/10 Girls.

- Competitors compete in all field events and 1 relay event. For SNSSP event please follow specific rules on the website.

- Athletes will not be permitted to compete in bare feet or unsuitable footwear.  The Aviva Sportshall Handbook incorporates details of all the events, including a full explanation of each event together with teaching points. Visit www.sportshall.org for more information including competition rule downloads.