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Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event


This event forms part of the Norfolk School Games.

Entry is open to all High schools within the South Norfolk SSP via booking on the SSP website. High Schools can enter multiple teams.


TEAM SIZE:Minimum 4, Maximum 30 participants (single gender or mixed).

ROUTINES:Routines can use any dance style. There is no limitation to the number of styles that are used within each routine.Routines can be inspired by musicals, music videos, television or socialmedia but it is encouraged that choreography is not plagiarised and must be applied and adapted into original content.

Routines should be between 2 ½ and 4 minutes in duration.

PERFORMANCE SPACE:Routines will be performed in Old Buckenham High Schools stage in the hall

ROUTINE DESCRIPTION:Teams are required to submit a short paragraph (max 150 words) detailing the inspiration and concept of the team’s routine which will be used by the judges to score the categories.

MUSIC:Music must be saved to MP3/4 format and be submitted to the competition organiser (SGO) well in advance of the event.

SCORING:Each routine will be judged on the following four categories totaling 100 points:

1. Concept and soundtrack (10 + 5 points)

2. Choreography and Floor Use (20 +15 marks)

3. Performance Skill (20 points)

4. Overall impact (30 points)

Judges’ criteria and score cards are available

The team finishing in first position will then be invited to represent the South Norfolk SSP at the Norfolk School Games.

Risk Assessment:

Click here to download a risk assessment for the event. By booking to take part in this event you agree that you have read and understand the contents of the event risk assessment. Please note that Schools are responisble for the transport, arrival and departure of their pupils. Schools should bring their own first aid kit and are responsible for the first aid to their students.

Photo/Video Consent:

We use a variety of digital and social media to promote all of our events including our SSP website, Facebook/Twitter profiles. Please ensure you make SSP staff aware of any children without photo/video consent prior to the start of the event. These children will be asked to wear a yellow armband throughout the event which will indicate that no photographs/videos should be taken of them. Schools are required to complete a photo consent form prior to competition.