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Year 1-4 School Games ENGAGE Badminton Virtual event.

Based on Badminton Englands Racket Pack resource each challenge will focus on core badminton skills e.g grips, footwork, overhead/ underarm serving.  All of the activities will be games based and will focus on all pupils having FUN and achieving their personal best.

How to get involved?

1. Familiarise yourself with the Badminton Resource.

2. Set up the challenges in a carousel during PE lessons, active break or lunchtimes or in an after school  club.

3. Maybe run a festival where pupils could compete in an intra school competition?

4. Most importantly allow the pupils to practice each challenge.

5. Record teams scores for each challenge on the recording sheet.  

6. Calculate how many points teams have achieved for ALL challenges. Add all team scores together and        divide the total class points by the number of groups who took part.  

7. Please Submit your class average score and monitoring forms to Laura Goodswen by Friday 25th March.


Schools will be sent a participation certificate for each pupil that has taken part. Schools can also request a sportsmanship award certificate for pupils who have demonstrated the School Games Values whilst participating in the virtual personal best challenges.

Entry is open to all schools,