FEHS MIXED Year 5/6 and Year 3/4 BASKETBALL eventClose Window


This will consist of 2 competitive tournaments running side by side. Year 3/4 Year 5/6 tournament. 4 aside and teams 6-8 players. More details to follow next term.  Please indicate that you are bringing 2 teams if not which age.

Basic rules:

-          4 children will play on court at any one time.

-          The minimum squad size (per team) is 5. The maximum squad size (per team) is 8.

-          Teams can be mixed or all the same gender – there is no ratio.

-          Both competitions will be teams playing against each other in a round robin format.

-          All matches will be refereed by leaders/ volunteers. The referee’s decision is final.

-          It is suggested that team mangers rotate players to give players equal playing time.

-          Good sportsmanship will be expected from all players, staff and spectators.

-          Unfortunately, no parent will be allowed on the school site until after 3.30pm and then must remain in the spectators gallery.

The game of basketball has many specific rules and regulations, and we would never expect the children to be able to understand and apply all of them. So therefore, the referees will focus on a few key rules/elements.

-          Double dribble (A player dribbles with the ball, stops and then starts to dribble again. The player must only dribble once with a single hand, then pass or shoot)

-          Travelling (A player running/walking with the ball without bouncing it)

-          Physical contact between players (The knocking/slapping of an opponent’s hand to gain possession of the ball)

Good luck to all and hope you have a fab day.  KAY