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10 Pupils will take part in 5 leadership Workshops. Pupils will be tasked with running a transition festival for cluster primary schools.


Leadership Qualities understanding leadership skills.

Practical Based Session - Focusing on how to plan and lead sessions.

Practical Based Session- How to adapt sessions for those with additional needs

Practical Based Session- Understanding your participants.

Next Steps/Action Planning for future


Risk Assessment

By booking to take part in this event you agree that you have read and understand the contents of the event risk assessment and the safeguarding and responsibilities form/ Event guide. Please note that schools are responsible for the transport, arrival, and departure of their pupils. Schools should bring their own first aid kit and are responsible for the first aid of their students.


Photography/ videos

We use a variety of digital and social media to promote all our events including our SSP website and Twitter profiles. By booking onto this event, you are agreeing to our photo policy. It is the responsibility of the participating school to ensure that they have asked parents/guardian for permission for photos and videos of all participants to be taken by SSP staff or official event photographers. Please ensure you make the SSP staff aware of any children without photo/ video consent prior to the start of the event. These children will be asked to wear a yellow armband throughout the event which will indicate that no photographs/ videos should be taken of them.



Schools are reminded to follow guidelines in the SSP Event Guide handbook.